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Man of the Moment Tahiri Tehei....

At only 26 Tahiri Tehei is one of Tahiti's most promising bodyboarders, with one of the most exceptional waves on the planet in his back yard it's not hard to see why.

He busts moves on sections of waves that most would be planning a safe exit strategy on and maybe it's this quality that has got him the attention he so thoroughly deserves and has landed him his first board sponsor from Hubboards.

In Tahiri's own words.......

"My name is Tahiri Tehei , I’m 26 years old and I’m from Tahiti and I still live here .

I started bodyboarding when I was 8, My mom bought me a board and I got addicted right away. My mom was bodyboarding too when she was young and she told me that when I was 1 years old she took me bodyboarding and caught some waves with me.

My parents met at the famous Surf spot, Taapuna and that’s my favorite local break as well.

I practice there a lot, it’s a fast powerful prefect left hand wave with crystal clear water that breaks over a beautiful coral reef underneath, I’m definitely a Taapuna guy.

My first board was a custom x, I go bodyboarding with my friends usually but Unfortunately I haven’t Surfed outside of French Polynesia, some may think this is ok but it is hard to travel for us here in French Polynesia, I’m planning to go and compete Internationally in Chile, Brasil and Portugal starting in May, I literally Can’t wait to go, especially Nazare in Portugal.

One day I really want to ride the waves in Mundaka and Pipeline.

I started competing when I was 17 years old I won many local competitions starting in 2014 and I had my first place in the championships of French Polynesia in 2015 and then again in 2017.

I’m not a pro rider, I’m a police man and have been for 1 year now. It gives me a perfect schedule to practice bodyboarding.

I work 2 days then I have 3 days off and I’m non stop in the water on my days off So it’s perfect for me.

I have had sponsors since I started to win competitions.

In 2014 and 2015 the plug bodyboarding shop was sponsoring me and a local brand, Swell Tahiti island. Then I was sponsored by billabong for 2 years and recently starting in 2018 Hubboards became my sponsor and for this I am truly grateful, I love my boards, I love the colours they suite my style and are great to ride, so thank you guys.

I listen to all type of music , like reggae , slow , dubstep and rap, it depends on the waves I’m going to ride, My favorite memory of bodyboarding is when I perfectly did my first El Rollo but I would just like to share a little story, my grandpa was a great rower and he really wanted me to row to, so when I was 11 he took me out to encourage me but I hated it.

He told me if I didn't continue he would never take me out again, so I jumped off his boat and shouted I'm going Faahee, Tahitian for surfing.

He rowed off, I was in the middle of the ocean, luckily for me he came back and got me.....

Surfing is a bit taboo in my family, my Step father is a fisherman and he wanted me to continue to fish to help the family so they all frown on me bodyboarding although they were a bit happier when I started doing well.

I am also teaching my girlfriend to bodyboard, Romana and since she has been part of my family they accept bodyboarding a little more.

I am really excited for what 2018 has to offer and I hope all my plans work out.... I would like to thank LidLife for the opportunity to share my story and for all those in my life that are making my dream possible......

Photo credits

JBS Pictures

Bosca photography


Tahiri thanks for taking the time to chat to us and we wish you luck with your dreams, can't wait to see you competing internationally.

Next week we have the privilege of catching up with the one and only Ben Severson.

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Until next week.

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