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Kyle Maligro - Maligs still got it !

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, I used to watch you when I was younger and your moves in the water were only out done by some of the colours you liked to have your hair.

Firstly we would just like to know, when we talked to Manny Vargas he talked about one particular comp in 1995 where you were assigned to try and stick on him so your Kauai classic team mates could rack up the points and shut Manny out of the comp, what is your memory of this.

First I just want to be clear, I love that guy Manny Vargas, we had a ton of epic/classic memories back in the day. I honestly don’t remember the situation with him in particular in that comp, but I wouldn’t doubt that there were team tactics involved in that situation.

We (Kauai Classic) had a unique thing going on, basically, you’re best friends living together with a Coach/Filmer helping you/each other to improve your boogie skills, pretty much a dream for any grom.

Boogie Boarding is an individual sport, everyone is pretty much looking out for themselves, for us it was the opposite. We were all about team, so like it or not, that’s just how it went with us. Yep, people didn’t like it and we even to this day didn’t like how it pissed people off and we made enemies and such because of it. I pretty much think it all mellowed out over time and now it’s all good.

Hi Manny, let’s dance, haha!

How about in maybe 96 when you and Mike Stewart duelled it out at reunion island, the footage of which ended up in the underground tapes video “Phychotic” what can you tell us about this day, it must have been all time, Mike Stewart such a dominating figure in our sport and you terrorising him wave for wave.

Right off the bat I remember going to Reunion Island and I felt like I was on drugs for a few days due to jet lag, haha. That was gnarly! That spot in the vid was a pretty fun spot I remember and I guess that vid kinda shows us going at it wave for wave but honestly for me I was all about doing the boogie thing having fun and trying to do weird stuff. Mike was one of my main idols and to be boogie boarding with him was a dream and a trip. We had many goes at it in comps. He was fierce and I wasn’t gonna back down, loved it, love that guy! Thanks Mike for pushing us all to be better!

In the late 80’s and early 90’s you were throwing moves no one had ever seen or heard of, what was your inspiration?

Haha! basically, I’m just a weirdo and I get bored super easy, which means for me I have to get creative to keep the froth going. For me I loved trying different things and it actually helped my career and still to this day I get bored and I have to try new things, also, back in those days there seemed to be room for new moves, even these days, which I don’t really follow boogie boarding much, but guys have taken it to another level doing moves that we did on much bigger waves now.

I see it and I see that there is room for new moves cause they’re going higher, but I’m too old now and my back hurts. haha!

What are your earliest memories of international bodyboarders coming to spend winters in Hawaii and how did you feel about the invasion, are there any particular memories you could share about your favourite and or worst bits?

Back in the 90’s it was fun and sorta new, people were making careers out of boogie boarding, it was sick!

It was cool to see peeps from other countries come to Hawaii, just so long as they respected our home and us, tons of good times with the foreigners.

What was the most memorable year of your career, what board were you riding and who were your sponsors at that time and which comps or free surfs really stick in your mind from this period, who was in your crew and who were your fondest rivals?

That’s way too many questions in one, I don’t have an actual year that sticks out, It was basically the early nineties that to me were the golden years for the boog. Challenger days with the Kauai Classic boys, Toobs days and BZ days were all awesome! My best comp day was the Gotcha Pro at Sandy Beach in Hawaii. The Kauai Classic boys and I were still amateurs and it was our first comp against all of our idols, the big boys! We were crapping our pants for sure! haha! We had to go through trials in order to make it to the main event with them. Only the winner of the trials moved to the main event. I ended up winning that and then it was time to compete against the idols. Long story short, I ended up winning the comp. We were tripping out, seemed like a dream. That to me was the hardest comp I’ve ever been in. Epic times, so thankful!

Finally do you still manage to get in the sea now and do you get to chill with any of the boys? Is there any special mentions you would like to give or any final stories you would like to share with us, you inspired so many youngsters what final words of advise would you like to offer to any young groms or any vintage boogers that would like to emulate your success?

Over the course of years I got in to stand up surfing and in the most recent months I’ve gotten in to foil surfing which has been the sickest/hardest thing I’ve ever done in the ocean. Sorry boogie boarding, haha! It’s been about a year or so since I’ve been on the boog. Maybe I’ll dust off the boog soon. We’ll see. As for the groms out there. If you’re really passionate about the boog then go for it as huge as you can. Don’t really see it these days in making a career out of it but you can try but make sure you got something else to bounce to. Super stoked and thankful for everyone that influenced me back in the days of the boog. It was an amazing time for me and funny things still happen to me to this day because of it. Yeew! Much love, Kyle Maligro

Kyle you legend thank you for chatting to us it was great catching up but please yes dust off the boogie you inspired so many yong bodyboarders particularly from my generation and I could think of nothing better than seeing a few recent pics of you on the boog tearing it up again, lets just hope this little feature has inspired you.

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Chris burkhard

Chris stroph

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