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Jaxon Cruickshank, super grom!!!

Jaxon Cruickshank is only 7 years Old but shreds with such confidence you could be forgiven for mistaking him for a lot older.

In Jaxon's own words......

" I am from Newcastle, Australia and I still live there now. I first started bodyboarding when I was 2 years old.

I love bodyboarding It's fun and my family love it as well. Im pretty lucky to have my Dad, John by my side because he helps me get into some sick pits.

My Hero's are Mike Stewart ,Ben Player, Jeff and Dave Hubbard, Garth McGregor, Sam "Staunch" Bennett, Tanner McDaniel, Shayden Schrader, PLC, Ryan Hardy and Mitch Rawlins.

My Local break is Redhead beach in Newcastle, Australia, I get some crazy little rip bowls there.

My favourite break in Australia is Dbar, Queensland because it is where I did my first spin.

My favourite break in the World is Pipeline / Backdoor. I haven't been there yet but I'm keen when I get older, I would like to pull into some crazy barrels over there.

My first board was a 32" Science Pro Tech, I called it "The Red Rail Rocket" It had double red rails and was my very first proper board.

My Crew is my older Brothers Hayden ,Brandyn, my Mum and Dad, my mate Jesse Landrigan and of course my friend Mike Stewart.

I compete in The Newcastle Bodyboard Club in the Super Groms and I have come first for the last two years.

In a couple more years I would like to chase the Australian Tour but that really is a little way away as i'm only 7.

I don't have a job, Im just a kid.

I'm supported by Science Bodyboards, D5 Bodyboard Shop, Spongeheads and Gyroll.

I ride a 32" Science Pro Tech Mini and I use a gyroll wrist leash, but I use it as a Bicep Leash cause my biceps aren't big enough yet!

My Fins are Extra Small and my Dad cut them down to make them lighter.

My Spongeheads gear is sick and my d5 shirts are too.

I don't need music to get me keen. Im always KEEN!

My Favorite memory so far has been Surfing wedges at Mystics last year, I got pumped on my first wave and it was sick.

I come from a family of bodyboarders, my dad is an ex Aussie pro tour champ and national champ. My uncle Ben and uncle Joel used to be pro bodyboarders in the 90's.

My oldest brother Hayden is the 2017 national Aussie champ in Cadets and my second oldest brother Brandyn is also the 2017 National Aussie Champ in Under 14's.

My dad owns D5 Bodyboard Shop in Newcastle, Australia where he works with my mum Sarah and my mate Jesse.

Im pretty lucky to have Mike Stewart come and stay at my house and this year I got to do a team trip with him to Forster.

I would like to give a shout out to my mum Sarah who spends hours on the beach filming my family, I would also like to thank my sponsors Science Bodyboards, D5 Bodyboard Shop, Spongeheads and all the crew at Newcastle Bodyboard Club.

Would I like to be a World Champion one day? Yes, but thats not all Bodyboarding is about, Its about having Fun! Thanks LidLife for catching up with me"

Jaxon, we wish you all the luck in the future, if you would like to keep up to date with Jaxon's progress go give him a follow either on Facebook or on insta @jaxoncruicky

Don't forget there are still 2 spots left on the @steviemaher all bodyboard charter to the Mentawais islands this July so hook him before they get snapped up.

Also the guys @thepuertoexperience are laying on their first all bodyboard trip this June so please go check them on insta or check out their website for booking details.

Puerto Escondido firing......

Pretty excited the long anticipated

Kyle Maligro interview drops next Saturday come follow our new Facebook page for updates and please, if you want to feature get in touch x

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