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Beatriz Arleo

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays but I'm afraid they are now over, all that quality family time has now been replaced with work and what better way to ease us into the new year than an interview with one of Venezuelas top female bodyboarders and every Bodyboarders dream wife, well done Felipe ;) please enjoy.

"My name is Beatriz Arleo and I was born in Los Teques City, Venezuela.

I’ve been Bodyboarding for 11 years, I started when I was 21 because my boyfriend and college partner the Venezuelan Bodyboarder and Pro DK rider Felipe Fernandes taught me.

When I met him at college I didn’t know anything about this sport not even that it existed, 😂 and I didn't even know how to swim.

When we started dating we started to go to the beach together and saw him on the waves.

At the beginning of our relationship I used to lay and tan as normal, but when the months were passing I started getting bored of doing nothing on the sand my whole weekend, so one day I told him, I wanna try!! And here we are 😊

At the beginning it was very hard for me because I could not swim and many times I felt panic and even cried in the water, but real motivation beats fear and takes us very far away.

One year after starting I went to my first competition, replacing another girl of my state on a national championship in Venezuela and then the magic happened or as I said many times joking they unleashed the beast. (Talking about our state Bodyboarding and Surfing team).

8 years ago I moved to Costa Rica and never stopped competing, even living far from the beach (I live in the capital, San José) I deal with all my ocupations and take time for training and improving my performance.

This year I won my 4th national championship title here in Costa Rica and I am going for more. That for me has been great because I did it this year by winning the 5 competitions we had here in 2017, living in San José, being the co owner of a event rentals company, being a wife, amongst all my other commitments 😂.

Here in Costa Rica we have great waves such as the legendary “El Hoyo” one of my favorite spots and the nearest from home, Marbella and Roca Bruja at the North Pacific Coast are paradises for Bodyboarding, Los Tumbos, Isla Uvita and Salsa Brava on the Caribbean Coast are real world class waves that I love and respect.

Now I’m riding with a GT Boards Socrates Santana pro model 37” I really like this board it’s a rocket, and my flippers are deep project a Venezuelan brand really comfortable and awesome for propulsion and taking off fast.

Now I’m sponsored by Raw Elements Usa, Mist fitness and wellness, Pana Surf Shop and Morena Beachwear.

Now I’m training focusing not on riding bigger waves or more radical maneouvers, I’m training about improving my skills on both sides, being more solid in what I know how to do and trying to land more consistently my ARS.

My philosophy is first learn how to walk and later you’ll learn how to run.

I dream such as any competitor would about representing my country in a world championship, It has been very dificult for me due the fact that I’m classed as an immigrant and to represent Venezuela I have to be selected competing there and because this situation of representing the country has been difficult I am having to travel and finance the whole process, but this just makes me stronger.

I would like to participate in some APB championships and have the recognition and support needed for doing this. I did it in the past in the IBA Bodyboard Pro Festival in Venezuela, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 and it was a transforming experience for me. I learned many things competing and watching the best of the women’s worldwide talent.

My role models have been Neymara Carvalho, Isabella Sousa and Mike Stewart. I love the classy and polished style of Mike and Neymara and I really admire Isabella’s Career, I saw her in one of her first international competitions in 2006 in Venezuela and she has never stopped impressing me.

I want to inspire young people to follow their dreams but with their feet on the floor chasing their goals but never forgetting their roots and values, never forget that formal education is important because after achieving their goals, life is still happening and we need to be prepared and most importantly we must always be true to ourselves and be who we are.

Have fun take care for the planet and please spread love and smiles ❤️

Thank you Lid Life for sharing my Story and the stories of others I love what you have started......."

Photo Credits:

William "Chucky" Fallas

Felipe Fernandes

Christian Rojas

Beatriz we wish you all the success and look forward to seeing you compete at some of the APB events, look out ladies the "beast has been unleashed"

Next week sees us head to California where we have the privilege of sharing the one and only Jay Reales story, I cannot explain how excited we are for this one.

One of my childhood heroes lays it bare..

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Until next week..........

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