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Introducing Alexandre L'hostis founder of Gox Pictures.

Alex is 28 years old and is from Brittany, France but has been living in saint-nazaire since 2015.

Alex has recently set up GOX PICTURES documenting travel adventures, great barrels and great surf spots, he also has t-shirts, hoodies and caps available to buy with some cool bodyboard based designs, all this because of his sheer love and passion for Bodyboarding, that feeling we all share and that brings so much to our lives......

Check out his Face book page, you can contact him from there.

In Alex's own words......

" I started bodyboarding when I was really young maybe like 8 or 9 with my father and uncles.

I also learnt to surf but 9 years ago, I meet this tahitian guy whilst I was at university called Teremanu Villet.

He took me to this crazy slab in the north of Brittany, I started trying to surf it with my surfboard but watching Teremanu tear this wave apart on his Bodyboard and how stoked he was I knew I had to follow suit so ditched the stick and got out my boogie....

We went really often to the kanabeach store in BREST downtown, and I meet FREDERIC QUEMENER who actually worked in the DESERT POINT SURF SHOP.

Every time I saw him we would talk about body boarding it was amazing sharing our experiences, he knows all the spots, he has some great stories to tell about a lot of riders, waves and boards... I think these two guys are the most important people for me to go boogie boarding with, we have such great times.

The other guys in our crew include DAVO FEVER, Yann SALAUN, JSX, ERWAN GENRE, Julien LE SEHAN, IRWIN CLOAREC, Yves-Mary LEFOURNE (MAZ), TAMBOUILLE PENE, chinook richard and all the forward crew!

My favourite riders have to be Winchester and Ben Player, these guys rip, their style is awesome and the ease at which they read waves and pull moves off that look so fluid.

I just can't call me a local of one place.....

because when I was young I used to surf a lot at the bukit of QUIBERON,

then I went up north to BREST, and surfed all the spots of the far west of Brittany and now a little bit down south in Saint nazaire, I ride a lot more the south coast of atlantic!

So i'm from everywest!!! ahah

My favorite break in my country is called "the redstick" ( near saint-nazaire)

There are actually only 4 or 5 of us that know this break! It is super shallow and breaks over rock, but thats how I like it.

My favorite break in the world is maybe Sapinus...

It's a bodyboarders wave and there is a pack there! all the Tahitian's will know what I mean.....

My first board was a Mach 7-7 from 1989. ( not unsual AHAh)

I have taken part in just 2 contests the BUD BUD challenge and a departemental championship). competing isn't the way I see bodyboarding and my passion lies in freesurfing.

I work in a shipyard in saint nazaire, it's good because i've got a lot of time for me to go bodyboarding and traveling.

I'm not really sponsored, I got some discount on the ARSBODYBOARDING STORE, big shout out to Ross!!!!! and the ARS TEAM!!!!

I ride a milk bodyboard (french brand, shaped in portugal) a big shoot out to MAT DESAPHIE and milk bodyboards, I hope they gonna continue to follow and support me for a long time.

I wear a rip curl wetsuit and I love limited edition fns.

I'm in search of some partnership for accesories and wetsuits. I ride a lot of reefs and it goes without saying that when you fall, the wetsuits and accesories are damaged. I travel a lot for bodyboarding... ( costa rica/ tahiti/ bali/ canary island 3times/ spain several times) Please get in touch if you would like me to feature any of your products with my new venture GOX PICTURES maybe you would like some promotion or an advertising campaign in return for sponsorship.

I always try to support Bodyboard brands like grand flavor/ ARS/SENNOSEN/zion/nobelum/phenum.

Best music for Presurf to me is something like: You're the doctor" from TY SEGAL!!!

my best memories are those laughing moments with friends watching the tensions movies!!! man just so siiick!!! In my view they were the best bodyboard movies ever made.

Having fun and stoke is one of the reasons I like bodyboarding.

It's an underground sport now, but when you meet someone else who rides the boogie, it's always a pleasure to talk and share some waves.

I would just like to thank my father because since I can remember he always taught me how to live with the ocean and how to respect the environment.

Also a big thanks to Lid Life who are starting something really cool featuring well known riders but also helping underground riders share their Stoke and making new connections.....Cheers Guys.....

Gangsta don't dance...

we boogie!! "

Next week we are off to Venezuela to catch up with pro female rider Beatriz Arleo.....

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Until next week .... yeeeew

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