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Meet Juliana Sena and Anna Ferreira

When we were first introduced to Anna and Juliana it was hard to believe they were both only 12 years old, the passion and commitment they showed towards Bodyboarding was that of the likes of Jeff Hubbard or mike Stewart except these two young groms are just at the start of their careers and struggling with life in the Favelas of Brazil.

Luckily for us and for them they have Bodyboarding, that universal sport we all love and respect and provides a sanctuary for so many of us to escape, the shit that dogs us in regular everyday life, for which we are all most grateful......

The favela is Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, a place where they call home.

They started Bodyboarding in 2016 with a social project from Rocinha under the influence of David Barbosa.

To this day their parents are still their heroes. They both class Sao Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, Tubolandia as their local break and their favourite break in the whole wide world.

Their crew consist of each other and other children fortunate enough to be involved in the social project hat took them towards the ocean and away from inner city favela life, and for that they are grateful......

Both these girls compete in local competitions and have both done well in the schools under 13 division, they have also competed in the FJU Recreio bodyboarding competition.

Neither Anna nor Juliana are sponsored despite competing and being at the top of their field......

All of the boards and equipment they use has been provided by by the Rocinha Bodyboard school, mainly this includes the kind donations from GT Boards, Harpia wetsuits and Kpaloa fins, if anyone would like to donate any boards, leashes or equipment please get in touch and we can direct you to the right people at the club that helps so many children put a bit of positive direction in their lives .....

Both Ana and Juliana are currently looking for any form of sponsorship and have both devoted themselves to working towards one day became world champion, who knows it could be in the same competition that they may even battle each other for that world champion accolade.....

Their parents have devoted themselves to help Ana and Juliana but them alone is not enough, when the girls compete it lights up their lives and eyes, they live to succeed, but competing can be expensive. The training, the travelling, the equipment required to keep up with an ever demanding sport.

The girls love Erizos and pride brands but that is just a dream as these brands are beyond their reach..... What a dream if Pride or Erizos were to back these girls and sponsor them, what a dream come true..... Imagine sponsoring a pair of 12 year olds that a few years later fulfilled their dreams and stood on the podium at Cronulla at the shark island challenge or the Fronton king and lifted that trophy, what a return.....

Imagine it came down to the last el rollo to decide which of these talented individuals took the trophy, because let's be honest mark my words the passion and commitment they have this is how it will play out.

If our crystal ball is right, how exciting would that be......

We would like to give a special mention to David Barbosa who works tirelessly to help these under privileged children to achieve their dream..... Training, Physically, emotionally, board position, paddling style, everything it takes to be a complete Bodyboarder.

At present these girls compete locally but help us deliver their dream, with the right support they can compete nationally, then globally, please don't let this opportunity to sponsor some raw talent to pass anybody by.

We want to see these girls fulfil their dream and one day side by side stand up and be counted as world champion.

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and go check out @aninha.031 and @julianasena18 on Insta and give them the support their drive, passion and commitment has earnt them.

Lid Life would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a merry Christmas whatever you have going on in your life, stay true to yourself and to the sport we all love so much.....

We hope 2017 brought you everything you wanted but if it didn't don't give up you are never alone despite even if that is how it feels.... xxx

Until next week..........



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