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Feature of the Week

Welcome to our first feature blog......

We aim this to be a weekly feature where we get chance to showcase the raw talent the bodyboard scene has on offer at grass routes at the moment.

Meet Fábio Mota from Costa da Caparica....... Portugal.

Fábio loves his home town and when he was only 9 years old he caught his first wave and was immediately hooked.... his influences at the the time were his father and brother who's stories of catching great waves really made an impression on him, he managed to get himself an old bodyboard and got himself in the sea.

By the age of 14 Fábio had nailed a few manoeuvres and tried to get in the surf as regularly as possible.

Fábio feels lucky his home town is Costa da Caparica as he says it has breaks for all levels.

You can go to any of the beaches one day and see some groms loving a surf, or you could rock up another day and find Hugo Pinheiro or Pierre- Louis Costes tearing the place apart.

Fábio also loves surfing in Ericeira and Santa Cruz who offer a variety of waves 365 days of the year.

Fábio is now 17 and a budding Journalist and so in August this year he decided to combine his passion for bodyboarding and Journalism and started up his magazine, reverse.mag.

Fábio loves following vert mag but decided he too wanted to help the sport of body boarding grow in Portugal.

Fábio's favourite rider is Jacob Romero because of his style but he also loves to watch Pierre Louis Costa, Dino Carmo, Nick Gornall and dave Hubbard.

Fábio's plans for the future are to travel and surf as many different waves as possible to develop his own style and to develop reverse.mag further, bringing more news to more people.

Go check him out on Instagram @rreverse.mag and @umotaa and follow his links to the mag.

Go give him a follow......

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