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Marshall Watson

Our next rider is from a place in South Australia toward the eastern end of the south coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula, situated on the sheltered Horseshoe Bay.

It was named in 1852 after Charles Elliot, the Governor of Bermuda who was a friend of the then governor of South Australia, Sir Henry Young and most recently used for the film setting of the remake of a classic Australian tale "Storm Boy"

"Hi my name is Marshall Watson, I am currently 31 but get told to stop being 16 on a daily basis.

I’m from Port Elliot South Australia but I live 15 minutes down the road on an island. Hindmarsh island Haah which ain’t no tropical paradise.......

I always sort of did just bodyboard growing up but people like Spencer Skipper and the no friends crew got me into getting better and chasing it.

My Child hood heroes included Spencer skipper, Ryan Hardy, Mitch Rawlins, Aka Lyman and

Paul Roach.

My local break is Knights Beach and any pro will tell you it’s shit but I love it anyway..

I would say my favourite wave in my country would have to be Monies, my favourite break in the world mmmm, I haven’t travelled enough countries to really know but I’d say Pipeline would be one if I answer it.

My first board was a BZ tech 41, I thought tech 41 was the model but it turns out it wasn’t and I should have been riding a 38 inch not 41 inch.

My crew...... I have always been an outcast but the one who I grew up with having fun was Jeremy’s Guinan.

Competing is what made me really try chase it but I never did enough world tour events to have a rating worth talking about. On the Aussie tour I have had a couple of 6ths and 7ths over all. No comps at the moment due to COVID saga.

For work I am landscaper and I am currently sponsored by Qcd - boards, Reeflex - wetsuits, Thrash - leashes, Sunzapper - sunscreen and Bodyboard Kingdom- any bodyboard needs

Na I don’t usually buy boog brand clothing I am always wearing my current sponsors gear.

I'm not much of a pre surf music guy but I am before a competition and anything helps me get into the zone

My favourite memory is 2013, I won my first pro tour event at home and my dad being there in the moment.

If only Bodyboarding was were it used to be, I would be travelling and chasing it but for me it’s work, family life and boog.

Bodyboarding has helped me learn to never give up and work hard for your goals in the sport and outside the sport. Right now for me I just love going big with airs and when the comps are back on trying to be Aussie pro tour champ is what I want."

Photo credits include:

Simon Lovell

Josh Tabone

Mike Hemus

Jake Wunders

Simon Longhurst

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