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Mariko Menzies

Bodyboarding runs through the veins of this Aussie family, first we interviewed Leah, Cronulla's 13 year old super grom, then dad Matt whose stoke spreads throughout his family, it was only fitting that we caught up with newly wed Mariko.

Living now in NSW getting to surf some of the best waves the world has to offer right on her doorstep, its no surprise she tears it up and is getting the industry support she deserves.

"Hi I'm Mariko Menzies, I used to be Mariko Takahashi, but I got married in July.

I'm 47 and was born in Tokyo but lived in Tateyama - South Chiba, before moving to Cronulla, south of Sydney, last December.

I got into bodyboarding because it looked so fun, there were only a few people bodyboarding, but one of my friends was into it and I thought it was very cool and I wanted to have a go.

I looked up to mostly the Brazilians like Mariana Nogueira, Stephanie, Naymara and Carla Costa.

In Japan my local breaks were around Heisara and Shiratsuka which are in South Chiba.

My favourite Japanese break is called " secret " hahaha!

In Cronulla my local break is North Cronulla. I like the point when waves are good and second left if it's not too crowded, I also like the alley when it's on,I have most fun on beach breaks.

My favourite break ever in the world would be between V-land and second left.

I have travelled a lot, I've been to Hawaii so many times, Indo, Maldives all around Japan.

My first board was a Mach 7 when I was hanging out with my friends from the surf shop called 'the Green Room'.

Around 30 years ago, I got into competing when I was about 18, some of my best comps were 3 x Pipe competitor, GOB in Omaezaki - Japan, I got 9th. JOB (Japan tour) 3rd in one of the comps. Before that I got 3rd in the All Japan Amateur contests, there are too many over the years to recall.

I didn't compete this year, but probably will next year.

I use to be a pro rider from the age of 23 until about 33, I stayed sponsored most of my BB life.

My main sponsor today is DMC fins, Don has been very good to me. I use the Pink Repellors, I was sponsored by a Japanese wetsuit company called BeWet, for many years, but not anymore.

Shout out to Hutch from GONE bodyboarding as he supplies us with clothing, which I wear every week!

I prefer to ride Hardy Shapes and Science Bodyboards but I'd love to have a board sponsor someday again.

Before surfing I like do different things, listen to different music; techno, hip-hop, rock, anything... I practice yoga daily and hope to teach it here in Australia. My favourite memories have been competing in Pipe contests.

These days I'm a newlywed to a local Cronulla bodyboarder and we surf everyday together when it's looking fun. I wash puppy dogs casually and want to do some waitressing when work becomes available. Next year I should be ok to teach yoga as my English improves.

I'd like to shout out to all of our local photographers; Darryl Menzies (Biarms Digital on Facebook), Lukie from Mysurfandsun on Instagram and Jacqualine Llanos from Love Capture Passion. These 3 photographers have sent me some really nice pictures. I'm so stoked.

Finally, I like to say that I really like a healthy lifestyle, with yoga, vego food and bodyboarding every day, I want to do this into a very old age.

Thanks for interviewing me Kris"

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Matt Menzies

Gone Bodyboarding

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Christopher King
Christopher King
Dec 19, 2020

That’s awesome!

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