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Erika Akire

Our next rider is from a region that is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world and a tropical climate to match.

The capital of the northeastern state characterised by the many rivers, small islands and over 50 bridges.

Its economy is largely based on agriculture with sugar cane being the primary crop, their plantations densely populating the coastal areas.

The country has also produced some of the most fearless chargers the bodyboarding world has seen and used to play host to one stage of the world tour.(please go follow @giulianolara on Insta to help keep Bodyboarding alive)

"Hi my name is Erika "Akire" Deck, I am 36 years old and I am from Pernambuco, Brazil, but now I am living in Huntington Beach, California.

I started bodyboarding around 2006 when my cousin Dudinha and my friend Flavio introduced me to the bodyboard world in Brazil.

They have a Dropknee bodyboard group in my city, Recife. I went bodyboarding with them once and I almost died just being in knee deep water because I was very scared of the Ocean. Then I decided to move to an island in Brazil called Fernando de Noronha when I was 21.

I started to challenge myself to beat my fears, I started bodyboarding, getting 10 foot waves and Scuba Diving certifications in the first couple of months that I was living there, always being respectful but not afraid of the ocean anymore. Since then, I have permanently been connected with the Ocean.

I didn't really have any heroes growing up!

My local beach was Lage da Cacimba do Padre on Fernando de Noronha and Lefts and Rights in Serrambi on Pernambuco.

In my country thou my favourite break is Itacoatiara and my favourite break int he world is North Point Australia.

My first bodyboard was a Science board.

I make instantanely new crews everywhere I go, I love having friends all over the world.

I competed a few times but I realised that getting big waves, shorebreak and having a special connection with the ocean was more important than contest rankings for my happiness and my soul.

I would like to shout out to Tribe Boards, Kpaloa, Sirensong Wetsuits and eBodyboarding.

I have a unique transcendent energy with a bright colorful style. I also have a degree in Marketing and I love to make pictures and videos everywhere I go. I'm multilingual and I appeal to South America and North America Markets. I always get attention anywhere I go. I'm the best fit for any brand that wants to get noticed anywhere in the world!

I buy what I think looks different and that goes with my colorful unique style. I also customize some clothes for myself. I like unique things!

Some of my playlist: Thrice, Rise Against, Boy Harsher, Ritual Howls, Art Fact, Kindest Cuts, TR/ST, The knife, Grimes, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Rancid, Buzzcooks, Millencolin... ...and much more!

The best memory about bodyboarding is that it took me to amazing places in the world having memorable times with wonderful people. Bodyboarding has changed my whole world.

I'm a free rider and I'm always down for any trip with family, friends or by myself. I'm always looking for a big smile from the universe. I love to go to new places and learn a little bit about everything as much as I can. Culture, language, bodyboard, hikes, diving, snorkel, sun, rain, sunrise, sunset... ...literally, everything! Amen!

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Cosme Johnny

Filipe Cadena

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