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Alice Fontanillas

Our next rider is from a small Caribbean island located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea that draws visitors from all over the world, with stunning beaches and year round sunshine.

Even though it only has an area of 5,515 miles square it is home to approx 3,2 million people but it is not a country, it is a commonwealth governed by the US and can boast winning the title of Miss Universe five times!

It is widely considered as the world's oldest colony and Christopher Columbus "discovered" the island during his second voyage to the New World in 1493. (The Taino Indians already inhabited the island)

With approximately 270 miles of stunning beaches it is no wonder the high volume of talented body boarders hail from the island and if you want to improve your skills then this is the place, you can join Jared Houston for his "Houston Bodyboard Camps" situated on the island.

"Hi my name is Alice Fontanillas, I am 31 years old and i am from Puerto Rico and I still live here in Pine Groove Isla Verde Puerto Rico.

When I was younger a lawyer friend of my mom told her he was going to teach me how to surf and everything started from there.

My local break is Aviones, San Juan Puerto Rico but I would say my favourite break in my country

is Mingo’s Wedge, Arecibo Puerto Rico.

My favourite break in the world is Watukarung, Java, Indonesia and my first board was a Science.

I don’t have a crew and I don’t compete, I am a free bodyboarder. I don’t like being nervous.

I am an entrepreneur, I ride a Science bodyboard, I use a Science wetsuit, I wear viper fins and a Hubbard Leash, I have never had bodyboard brand clothing.

I always listen to podcast before going to surf and then when I am close to the beach I listen to Rock and Roots.

I remember going to Aguadilla with my sister to a spot called Wilderness. The waves where 5-6 ft and I was a grom, I went in and remember surfing this wave that had this endless line and when I was dropping in it was like going through turbulence. I remember after taking that wave I got out and told my sister “we are out”.

Bodyboarding is part of my life, I have really enjoyed it since the moment I start driving to the beach. In this adulthood life with a lot of responsibilities the beach, waves and adrenaline became a therapy.

Photo credits include:

IOvan Ferrer/@ferrer2ophotos

Eduardo Lopez/@barreleyestudio

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