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Jacob Whitehouse

This isn't the first Grom we have featured from this part of Australia, with their fantastic local club scene @coffscoastbodyboardingassoc and numerous awesome wave set ups it doesn't surprise me the amount of passion there is for bodyboarding in this area!

A quirky fact thou I don't think I have mentioned before is that in an attempt to get passers by to stop at his banana stall, John Landi invented a big banana and with the help of engineer Alan Chapman made it a reality and it worked! Making the town be known as the home of The Big Banana and Australia's first "big thing"

"My name is Jacob Whitehouse, I am 16 and I am from Coffs and I still live there now.

I started bodyboarding about 2 years ago, I love the water and I wanted to be in it and my mates surfed and they wanted me to do it so I got a bodyboard.

My childhood hero was definitely Jared Houston, he is such an epic rider and charges hard, very inspirational.

My local break is Coffs reef, it is epic, I guess thou my favourite break in Australia would nave to be Shark Island, in fact Shark Island is also my favourite break in the world.

My first board was a Nomad and I didn't really have crew it was just me.

I have not competed on the ABA or the APB or anything like that, but maybe one day, who knows.

I am not a professional bodyboarder and I am riding a VS bodyboard, I have a billabong wetsuit and limited edition fins.

I love VS bodyboards they are totally my favourite!

I try to buy vs bodyboard gear as much as I can, supporting bodyboard brands.

I love listening to rap pre surf to get me going and I have to say my favourite memories so far to date is just getting barrelled, I don't think you can beat it.......

I am just an Aussie kid that loves bodyboarding, I love getting barrelled and I have competed in a local bodyboard comp me and my mates go and surf for fun when the surf is good or shit we just love it!

Photo credits include:

Heath Werner

Jacob thanks for sharing your story bro, keep charging!

Super excited to announce the launch of the "Thrash Bodyboard", mine landed yesterday and I took one for a spin this morning and it is absolutely epic.....

Fran of THRASH has got the shape just right and I know his first batch has almost sold out in a matter of days with a couple of European shops taking some as stock as well which is just epic, his trademark sick retro colour ways and the work that goes into pumping everything back into an industry we all love is fantastic.

Just click on the links below to get in touch for colours and sizes..... Or head over to thrashintl Facebook or Insta Pages to DM the guys.

There are limited spots now left on the Valentina Diaz All female Bodyboard adventure down in Mexico, don't miss out.... Click the link below to book the trip of a lifetime.....

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