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Sara Marcelo Cazorla

The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa are Volcanic Islands known for their black and white sand beaches and some of the scariest most freaky waves on the planet.

The reefs can be unforgiving and as such anyone growing up there will undoubtably turn out to charge with a fearless style and confidence that waves like these demand.

The Canary Islands actually share two capital cities Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and also boast to be home to the third largest volcano in the world.

Our next feature is hoping to emulate the success of some of the bodyboarders that call these islands their home, so let me please introduce you....

"Hi, my name is Sara I am 18 years old and

I am from the Canary Islands.

Ever since I was little I went to the beach with a little body board for fun but I have been practising this sport more seriously now for almost 3 years.

My main influence was that my friend usually talked about bodyboarding and one day I decided to buy a bodyboard and ever since then I have loved this sport.

Before I got into bodyboarding I always saw videos of Pierre Louis Costes and I always dreamed I would be able to do all the manoeuvres that he could do.

Although I can't do all that he can, I can do some of them but I am sure that throughout the years I will improve my style.

The beach which is closest to my house is Las Canteras beach and this is the local break where I have been surfing since I started.

One of my favourite breaks on my island is el “El Pico de La Guancha” which is in Gáldar in the north part of the island.

One of my favourite breaks in the word is Skeleton Bay in Namibia, one day I would like to go there because it is a wave so large with amazing tubes, another favourite break is “The Superbank” located in Australia I really love this continent and if it were possible I will go there for a long holiday or to stay there for a year.

My first board was a deeply board and since I started bodyboarding my crew has been my friends.

I have been competing for a year and a half now and at the moment the highest place that I have achieved was last month when I got second place in the Spanish competition that took place in Gáldar.

This was such an amazing moment for me and one I wish to build on.

At the moment I haven’t had the opportunity to get a sponsor, it would be my dream to represent some brands and get the support to take my bodyboarding to the next level.

I am one of the few girls who practises this sport here and I think that if I can help motivate other riders this sport will increase around the whole world.

I like body boarding clothes, but I don’t have a preferred brand.

I usually listen to some songs before competitions or just before going for a free surf such as: out of time by Blur, another song is one off a video of Pierre (Louis Costes – France), start me up by The Rolling Stones.

Some of my favourites memories of body boarding was when I met Jared Houston for the first time and also when I saw him a year later and he remembered me, it was fantastic, because he has been one of my idols with Pierre since I started to practise this sport

At the moment I practise this sport as a hobby but I also compete in the Canary Islands and also in the national competition of body boarding which is run by Federación Española de Surf.

I am studying a degree at university so I can't be in the water as much as I could when I didn't have exams. When I do have time thou I always prefer to go surfing rather than do other things.

Photo credits include:

Talset Bass (Talset photography)

Sara, you have a great attitude and I'm sure reading your story will inspire many young people to get out on a bodyboard and follow there dreams, I hope you continue to compete and that a sponsor comes along soon to help support your dream and inspire many others....

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