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Lachlan Cramsie

Our next feature is a guy who is consistently performing and getting results on the ABA tour.

Having just won his third title, the proofs in the pudding.

His style and commitment has made him a strong force on the APB world tour finishing the 2018 season in the top 20 and if you want to find out what I'm talking about just check out the bodyboard flick "Nomad Fun Park" here's a little insight as to why.....

"My name is Lachlan Cramsie, I'm 23 and was born on the 4th of July, 1994.

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I have lived there most of my life from a young age although I spent 2 years from 20-22 down South of Sydney in a place called Kiama, which is a little surf town.

I started bodyboarding about 9 years ago, once I discovered my love for the ocean, I enjoyed every second in the water, especially riding a wave, no matter what surf craft I was using.

When I was about 11 I did a lot of competing in Surf Life Saving, I would travel to the beach each weekend and train for a few hours, after that I would head out either surfing or bodyboarding.

I soon discovered that bodyboarding was the track I wanted to follow in the future most.

I think the reason I love the ocean so much is because my dad was a waterman from a young age, being a lifeguard for years, I got brought up around the water and waves are what gets my adrenaline going which is what I enjoy the most.

My childhood heroes are from all sports, mainly extreme sports, although watching surfing and bodyboarding movies at a young age is where they came from (Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Laurie Towner)

Then the boys from the Bodyboard movies like ‘Tension’ and ‘Roam’

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast the waves are pretty small, although I always enjoyed a little wave at Point Cartwright called ‘The Rock’

I think my favourite wave in Australia would have to be a certain wave down South Australia, called ‘Killers’

My favourite wave in the world is hard to answer, the waves that are fun and just have a few mates out are always the most fun, so places without a crowd I guess would be my answer.

My first board was a ‘Jake Stone’ LMNOP, It was an epic board.

On the Sunshine Coast, I usually surf and hang with all the boys from ‘Inverted Bodyboarding’.

I’ve competed in bodyboarding for about 7 years now, following the ABA (Aussie Pro Tour) and at the time of writing I had won the ABA tour twice and was hoping for a 3rd one, I managed to make that happen this year.

I wrote this up whilst I was in Brazil following a few world tour competitions, I enjoy competing on the APB world tour.

I work as a Lifeguard when I am not Bodyboarding, I enjoy it, being able to work at the beach is pretty awesome.

My sponsors who are helping me out at the moment and helping me travel and catch waves are Inverted Bodyboarding, Nomad Bodyboards, Limited Edition Fins, Attica Wetsuits and Bodyscience.

I ride a Nomad ‘Cramsie Blood Diamond’ PolyPro 41 I wear Attica wetsuits!

Back home I am usually in a Spring suit most of the year. I love my Limited Edition All Black fins and Nomad Bicep Leash.

I always try to support Bodyboarding and supporting my local store Inverted Bodyboarding, the gear in there is what I get around with.

I have a big mix of Music, from The Ammity Affliction to some bangers that make me want to party depending on my mood and the waves I will be surfing.

My favourite memory I think was being able to meet my favourite bodyboarders for the first time at the age of 15, I found that pretty cool.

Photo Credits:

Shane Chalker

Josh Tabone

Nathan Tyack

Lachlan thanks for taking time out to chat to us, I know how busy you are so thank you, good luck next season chasing your 4th ABA tour title and the events you choose on the APB tour, it's been an honour.....

Next week we head back to South Africa to catch up with the super talented 2 x junior SA champ and Handpicked/limited edition SA team rider, Liam Kavanagh, until then......

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