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Silas Ganciar

This week sees us catch up with one of the nicest, most liked blokes on the ABA tour, one of the hottest bodyboarders on the ABA tour right now.

In terms of most photographed, most consistent, please can I introduce Silas....

"Hi I am originally from Brazil and my name is Silas Belisario Ganciar (Silas Ganciar) I am 36 and I am from Americana City, State of São Paulo – Brazil (My hometown is 3hs away from the beach).

I am not living there anymore, I am living on the Gold Coast, State of Queensland – Australia.

I Moved here 9 years ago.

I started body boarding when I was 5 years old and I used to play as a kid during the end of year school holidays. I loved body boarding but it appeared as a sport to me when I was 12 years old after my family beach house had been built.

I guess it was very fun for me as I always loved water and the combination of being pushed into a wave on a body board by my father or older brothers it made for. a memorable childhood.

I remember I read a bodyboard magazine that had an article about Alexandre Pontes (Xandinho), he was one of the pioneers of the sport and responsible for developing the sport in Brazil.

He was the organizer of the 1st International Bodyboard Competition in Brazil.

As I was reading his history it was consuming me and I fell in love with the sport.

Alexandre Pontes (Xandinho) Guilherme Tamega, Mike Stewart and Airton Senna (F1 Racer) were my heroes growing up.

I learned to bodyboard at a beach called Juquehy but my favourite breaks are Pauba Beach and Cacimba Do Padre.

Super Suck - Sumbawa is my favourite wave in the world.

My first wave was Juba & Lula, which was the name of a series about two surfers on Brazilian Television.

My first professional board was a BZ.

It was myself and my cousins Giuliano Rosa who were my crew to start with, we were pushing each other to complete an el Rollo and our first el rollo was on the same day.

It was one of the best day of our lives, we spoke about it for a long time.

I have been competing for about 20 years now, however it was very hard at the beginning.

I always lived far away from the beach, my first competition was when I was 16 years old and I remember that I had only caught two waves and both were big wipe outs (ha ha ha).

I remember I told my mum after that I wanted try it again and again until I got better at it.

In Brazil my best results were 4th position in an amateur division comp and 9th position in the professional division both in the same year for the State of São Paulo.

I am 3 times champion of The Gold Coast Bodyboard Club (local competition on on the Gold Coast) and I finished top 8 on the ABA TOUR 2017.

I work as a Bartender and also as a representative (customer service and merchandise) for a company that supplies products to cafes and supermarkets.

Despite this I still compete as a Professional body boarder but actually I can't say that I am a professional bodyboarder as I don’t actually make a living from the sport.

I do have sponsors that help me to pay my expenses to travel on the Australian Tour (ABA) and I also get help with my equipment and clothes.

My sponsors are Amazon Power (Acai company)- Found Boards- The Bodyboard Perspective- Number One Events. I always try to get sponsored by brands that I can identify myself with and with whom I would buy their products because I believe in their brands because of the quality or because I believe in heir ethos.

My favourite brands are Amazon Power, Found Boards, The Bodyboard Perspective and GT Boards. I am lucky I don’t have to buy too many clothes anymore as I usually get these from my sponsors, for which I am very grateful. I am also not the kind of person that goes through many clothes as I try to use what I have for as long as it lasts.

I have been listening to Charlie Brown Jr ( a Brazilian Rock Band)

My best memories are all GT world titles and also all the Brazilian world titles, I celebrated all of them.

I am very busy at the moment with my jobs and I am doing volunteering work and it has been a challenge to find time for training.

I usually go for a surf at first light of the day before I go to work and then during my breaks. I guess I am very lucky to live by the beach and be able to walk to Duranbah Beach or Snapper Rocks (Super Bancks)

When I do travel I try to spend as little money as I can and I always look for backpakers or Airbnb accommodation.

I have been working as a volunteer for the Gold Coast Bodyboard Club for the last 7 years and today I am the Vice-President of the club.

I also have a Degree in Tourism and a Masters Degree in Convention and Events management, My biggest dream is to become a promoter for a World Class Bodyboard Event and I guess I am on the right track to achieve this . .

Photo credits include:

Ben Oborne

Willos Callaghan

Stephen Gleeson

Richard Goldner

Justin Becker

Dylan Steele

Ale Drago


Lucas Paulo

Carlin o'Driscoll

David FitzGerald

Silas what a great feature we wish you every success for the future.....

Next week we catch up with 15 year old Sydney Super Grom Noah Gillroy, taking the Australian contest circuit by storm, a feature not to miss .......

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