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João Maranhão

Firstly I want to wish everyone a happy International Bodyboard day.

How great a sport this is and how much happiness and peace it brings to so many of our lives.

I'm so grateful that at 10 years old I saw Mike Stewart on the cover of a BodyBoard mag and persuaded my dad to take me to the ocean, then on my birthday my dad bought me a lid and not a stick ;) Thanks dad x

This week takes us back to Portugal to the talent that is João Maranhão, not just in the sea but with his amazing artwork.

João works as an equipment designer and web designer and is studying graphic design in Caldas da Reina near Peniche.

If he doesn't get regular work in Portugal he will join his mother in the UK to get work and don't worry João if this happens we have some epic waves here too.

João loves any sport involving the ocean but what he really loves is the particular skill set required to bodyboard, learning where to move the body and how to shift your weight for the variety of moves that are possible these days due to the pros continuing to push boundaries and limits in all sorts of crazy waves.

He has been bodyboarding 7 years now and has just turned 21.

Photos are courtesy of João Serpa.

João rides a Deeply 42" pro model LTD 2017 and deeply fins and regularly competes in local comps, he is aiming to compete in this years university championship and is training very hard.

João this year has become the secret circuit champion of the secret surf school and was given the opportunity to train at the video production company time-lapse media, the company that filmed the famous wave surfed at Nazare.

João's local break is Praia de Mira near Coimbra however his favourite break is Peniche, at the east jetty, a right handed wedge.

His influences include Ryan Hardy, Jared Houston and of course the Portuguese bodyboarder Luis "Porkito" Pereira.

What brought João to our attention was his artwork that he hopes one day to pursue on a more serious level but for now he showcases this on Insta, go give him a follow


If you would like to get in touch with João to perhaps have one of your photos painted message him on Insta for a quote.

João we wish you all the luck in the future and look forward to hearing back from you with an update on how it's all going.

Next week we head back to Australia where we hear the story of the passion for bodyboarding that has driven one Australian house builder to sponsor the ABA tour.

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