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Storm Brian hits UK

Despite weather warnings being issued in the week Bodyboarders up and down the country were frothing at the prospect of Storm Brian hitting our shores this weekend.

Some South coast sheltered spots were pumping Saturday morning before the full brunt of the storm hit us around lunchtime with a lucky few scoring liquid gold at spots including Pentewan in the south west and breaks in and around the Bournemouth and Brighton area.

Some sheltered spots that don't mind a bit of south west wind were on fire on the north Cornish coast around low tide.

Dave Hardiman above on a thick one..........

With hardly anyone out my friend the seal popped up to see what all the commotion was about.....

Winds reached up to about 56 mph on the main beaches of the Cornish north coast with swell in the 10-12 ft range but blown out and choppy as the wind turned west south west in the afternoon.

Sea temperatures are starting to drop, at around 15 deg its time to start thinking about where you stashed your winter suits.

Plenty of trippers were travelling up and down both coasts trying to get their piece of "Brian"

Today the winds dropped off but turned west north west with swell dropping back to the 6 ft range, waves to be had but very lumpy, the sun was out for a while and if you knew where to head you would still have scored, the worst of "Brian" has now passed but the swell is due to stick around most of the week.

With a bit of luck the winds will die off and have more southerly in them generating nicer conditions as the week goes on.

I however will be stuck in London and probably miss all of it but I'm hoping lots of you will be posting on Insta so I can mind surf my way through the week .......

Don't forget to go hit up @steviemaher on Insta, Facebook or email him on

He only has a few spots left on his all bodyboard charter to the mentawais in July, which I cannot wait for by the way Stevie..... Yeeeeeeeew!

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