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Sunday Funday

Sunday and the swell hung around, the wind swing more southerly leading to some lovely waves up and down the north Cornish coast.

Unfortunately for me it's back to London tonight for another dry week in the city.

Looking forward to July when I head back to the Mentawais on stevie mahers all body board charters.

There are 4 spots left and the trip is amazing you can get booked by contacting Stevie on Insta or Facebook @steviemaher or email him on

Stevie has just been snapped up by Hubboards to add to his other sponsors Ripcurl, Sin eye wear and intricate shockwave and is a great host, 11 nights and 10 days, 3 meals per day cruising some of the best surf spots in the world on an all bodyboard charter, good times, good vibes, hit him up.

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