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Brendan Greenaway

This week we head over to South Africa to catch up with one of the old boys of Bodyboarding, having had a bit of time out from the competition scene his fire has been re-ignited and he finished the South African 2018 season with a bang.

Spurred on by his family and friends our next bodyboarder hopes to carry this years success firmly into 2019 and squeeze everything out of a sport that has spanned his lifetime with his fresh energy, please may I introduce Brendan Lee Greenaway.

" I guess I represent the older body boarder at 35 years old, LOL.

My bodyboarding life started when I used to live in East London, South Africa. I now live on the Bluff, in warm sunny Durban, South Africa.

I started body boarding when I was 13 years old in January 1996.

I was introduced to bodyboarding by my brother Wesley and his best friend Carlos, who were already riding and I thought it looked flipping cool.

Loads of idles, to name some: Andre Botha, Alistair Taylor, Mike Van Huyssteen, Craig Maree, Jeff Hubbard, Ross McBride, Spencer Skipper, Paul Roach, Manny V.

The old stomping ground in East London was Eastern Beach, when the swell hit we had some solid sessions out there.

I haven’t had the opportunity of riding all the popular breaks in RSA, however my current local Cave Rock is definitely my favourite spot, I firmly believe it produces a world class wave.

There are so many good waves around the world, one on the bucket list for me would have to be Fronton.

My first “love” hahahaha a 40” Blue deck, Capped nosed, Manta Wingnut.

I really don’t like riding on my own, I was always with a crew, it’s more fun that way anyway.

The East London crew consisted of: Zane Matterson, Jeremy Martin, Chris Martin, Dirk Wright, Jason Wright, Con Bardenhorst, Robert Frounstien, and slab charger Shane Riley.

The current crew are a talented bunch of riders: Bruce Donkin, Shaun Haage, Darren Simes (rider & photographer), Migaul Lopez(surfer), Waynand Grobler(rider & photographer), Nelis de jager (rider & photographer), Nic Aberdien (photographer), Erlank Slubert (surfer), The EBA team, and the Bike & Bean gents.

Competition riding started in 1998, it was either school team trials or the old Border province trials, not exactly sure, I only made the Border provincial team in 2001 in Juniors division and 2002 Pro Division.

Taking a break from competitive riding in 2003 due to relocation to Durban.

In 2004 I attended the old Central Kwazulu Natal (now EBA) trials, where I “scorpion” landed an invert at North Beach and (not knowing at the time) put 2 disks out in my lower spine.

I stopped competing after that and just free surfed, then in 2015 when Bruce Donkin and Shaun Haage had made the EBA team it reignited the flame to compete.

In 2017 I made the EBA team in the Masters division and went on to place 3rd at the South African Championship.

2018 has been a great year for me, I have made the EBA team in the Masters division, I finished 1st in the masters division at West Beach Warfare SABA Event, I Placed 9th at the APB West Beach Warfare, I Placed 2nd in the masters division at the EBA Pro/Am SABA event and finished 1st in the master division at the Cape Classic SABA event.

Then at the South African Championships in October 2018, I placed 3rd in the masters division also winning the SABA tour title in the masters division.

By day I am an Occupational Health and Safety Officer for a facilities management company.

I don't see myself as a pro rider however a big shout out to clothing brands Lapa Side and Flip It for keeping me looking fresh.

Reef South Africa for my boards, wetsuits, flippers, leashes and accessories.

I am currently using thrash fin savers and Gath helmets.

Big shout out to Rossi board company for the previous support.

Lapa Side, Flip It, reef South Africa, The surf garage and the person that wishes not to be named, thank you for everything you do for me it is greatly appreciated and I cannot thank you enough.

I’m personally not one that feels that I deserve to be sponsored, I just love bodyboarding and the lifestyle it has given me.

I do my bit to give back to the sport where and how I can, I really don’t like asking, so for those that are and those that may give me the opportunity to represent their brand I thank you.

I have not had to purchase bodyboarding clothing for a while now, thank you to my sponsor, but in general I must say all the bodyboarding brands are bringing out some epic designs.

Back in the day Blink 182, Millencolin, The Offspring and other punk rock bands got me pumped. Lately it's Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kings of Leon that pump me on the way to the local.

Favourite memory…. It’s more so a living memory, that of every session creating memories to last a lifetime and the friends made along the way, oh and Andre Botha winning the world title 2 years in a row.

I am just a passionate body boarder that loves riding waves every opportunity I get, bodyboarding saved my life, It will forever be a part of my life.

I definitely have good and bad days out in the water but the natural high that wave riding gives is something that keeps me going back for more, competing adds another element to the experience.

Part of my goals I have set out in the competition environment are there to show my two children Keegan and Casey that you can achieve your goals no matter what your age.

Bodyboarding is a massive part of my life and I have been fortunate enough to make so many good fiends along the way.

Photo Credits:

Brendan Greenaway (Cave Rock image no rider).

Simon Smith

Nic Aberdien

Darren Simes

Nelis De Jager

Brendan thank you for taking time out to share your story it's always great to hear stories of bodyboarding that span a life time and how this sport has got people through some tough times, always a go to and in the background and then to have that passion re-ignited, well done on your 2018 season, we are excited to see what 2019 has in store for you....

Next week we head over to Australia where we catch up with legend Lachlan Cramsie, so until then...........

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