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Giovanna Schinaider

This week we head to Brazil a country that seems to produce more female bodyboarders than most.

If you look back through the history of our beloved sport it would also be fair to say that the Brazilian female riders have dominated the competition scene with Stephanie Petterson of Brazil winning the 1st world championship in 1990 and then riders like Claudia Ferrari, Daniela Freitas, Sandra Ferraz, Alessandra Bove, Mariana Nogueira, Glenda Koslowski, Isabela Nogueira, Leila Alli, karla Costa, Neymar Carvalho and Isabela Sousa all dominating in the following years.

I think it was only in 2006 when a Brazilian did not feature in the top four of any world championship.

There is also a die hard crew of incredible Brazilian talent that do not compete on the world tour like Alexandra Ereiro, Bia Jesus, Patricia Setúbal and Sabrina Mourão and a highly competitive local competition scene that helps to keep encouraging this raw talent.

Our next rider is one of those talents and at only 15 is one to look out for in the future....

"My name us Giovanna Schinaider, I have body boarded  for a year and a bit now, I cannot remember the exact date I started.

In my first competition I managed 3rd place  in the event of the NGO Esporte Vida in 2017 / Monguagua which was my first Championship.  

I then competed in the circuit Perlolas do Atantico 2018 / Mongagua (first Championship in the circuit Perolas do Altantico 2018 / Guaruja, I started the 1 st Toai  Surfing Festival - Bodyboarding.

I even decided to enter a competition with the boys which was a great experience even thou I did loose, this was the Thelmas Festival Sobre Ondas 2018.

I intend to compete in bigger competitions next year not just the regional competitions.

I was born in Sao Paulo and I currently live Mongaguá and have done for about 4 years.

I started surfing a year and a half ago almost two and since then I fell completely in love with this sport.

I started at a local school, in Agenor de Campos, called surfing and Bodyboarding School Ricardo Decanini, with professor Thyago Jacob.

When I started it was with the intention of stand up surfing, I had no idea of the existence of body boarding. 

I have many favourite memories from my short time bodyboarding. Let me think....

Possibly pulling off my first Manoeuvres, my first invert when I came completely out of the water, my first el rollo and some tubes (there were not so many, but anyone who surfs will understand that even to get at least 1 tube is incredible).

I would like to travel to Guaruja because there are several beaches and I like north coast.

I have not had the opportunities yet to travel to many places, but next year there are many good things to come, god willing.

I prefer thicker waves because I can do more 360's and inverts, it is not always that I go for a roll but now I'm getting the taste for more hollow waves.

I like it when the sea is smooth, has good formation and is a good size.

I have not been anywhere outside of Brazil yet but I see videos of my idols surfing in amazing places like Pipeline, Teahupo, beaches in Indonesia, Chile and many others, there are many amazing beaches and reefs."

Giovanna we wish you every success taking your competitive bodyboarding to the next level, I have no doubt that with your determination good things will happen for you and maybe one day your name will make it into the Brazilian Bodyboarding hall of fame.

Until next week.....

Photo credits include:

Alessandra Pomelli

Erik Medalha

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